Kim M. Munsinger, J.D.

I help people get divorced peacefully without going to court. To achieve this goal, my practice focuses on collaborative divorce and mediation.

Work together or fight? You have a choice.

Learn more about collaborative divorce, the new, out-of-court way to divorce and resolve other family law disputes.


Mediation is an effective way to settle divorces and other family law matters. The mediator’s job is to help the lawyers and parties with their negotiations.

For couples who want to work together to settle their divorce, Texas law offers a distinctly different path from litigation—collaborative divorce.  As a collaborative family law practitioner, I’ve personally seen the advantages of the collaborative process for many modern couples.  In addition to being an experienced collaborative divorce practitioner, I’m also the editor of the State Bar of Texas book on collaborative law.  You can read my introductory chapter here.

Mediation is a settlement process where a neutral mediator helps couples reach agreement.  It’s not a complete divorce process like collaborative divorce or litigation.  People often find the distinctions confusing, so I’ve included explanations on my website here.  Mediation is a solid alternative to going to court and can be used in collaborative divorces and litigated divorces.  I’m an experienced family law mediator who offers mediation as part of my practice.


Ms. Munsinger is the editor of Collaborative Law—Start to Finish from TexasBarBooks. She is also a contributing author to the book. Kim Munsinger wrote the introductory chapter, “What Is Collaborative Law?” and you may view it here.

“Taking the Fight Out of Divorce”
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“I help people get divorced peacefully without going to court.” - Kim Munsinger